Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey there, giving a shout out!

We went to a church service last night that had a candle light dinner. It was really nice to sit and relax and not have have to worry about the kids (they were safe in kids class). A friend of ours (Jimmy) did something very nice for me, he gave up his cheesecake!! Now giving up food for another person is not always fun, and cheesecake! OK I must say that I felt guilty eating it (notice that I did eat it though :) )- until I said something to Jimmy and he said I am not that nice - there is more cheesecake!! Anyway - funny story I thought I would share. Have a good day - - - - This is your shout out!! Thanks Jimmy!! This is a picture of Jimmy breaking bricks with his head! He is a youth pastor so it fits that he would use his head. Sorry I don't have a non action photo.

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