Thursday, September 15, 2005

Headed to New Orleans Friday

Well tomorrow they are headed to New Orleans to tour that area. Derrick is very humbled by what he is seeing - so I am sure seeing more devastation will not be easy. They are staying at a church I think I mentioned that earlier, they are staying with police officers from Georgia, and EMS workers from another state. There are reporters from Virginia across from where Derrick is sleeping. He said he has got to talk to the police and try to help them deal with what is going on, tough images they are seeing. He gave me a little more detail on feeding the people in the shelters. He said first off they don't know just how bad the city is... they know it is in ruins but he thinks they think, they will be going home in a couple of months. But from the news pictures and FEMA officials it will take months and probably close to a year to get these people home. The reality of what happened hit Derrick today, the thought that this could have been us, you and me our families. We could be in a shelter in Qwest Field, after an earthquake. Staying 4" away from a stranger, trying to get food, clothes, sleep, and keep 3 kids calm. That is a sobering thought to me, can you imagine losing everything you own, going to where you told you would be safe (only to have to be bussed to another location because the first one was not safe) , and then trying to keep your kids calm as your world just collapsed? I think it would be hard for anyone to keep it together. Stress is running high as you can imagine. He said as he fed the people coming through the line, alls that he could picture on the faces of the kids, was his kids. It breaks your heart. He gave food to a woman with three kids. She took 3 plates and he watched as she made sure her kids got fed before herself. Very humbling. Please keep praying for Derrick and Donovan, but also for the people in the shelters that they will get some light shed on their situation, that they will have HOPE.

Thanks - I will let you know how the tour of New Orleans goes when I hear from him tomorrow. They are getting great contacts and are generating a plan for future missions to help.

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