Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wow - What a Halloween and Fall we have had! Mom needs to rest now!

Our Halloween started on Sunday this year, our church had a Halloween party! Yes they actually called it a Halloween party. No offense to other churches out there - but it has always bugged me that we can't call something what it really is for fear of something being not politically correct. Anyway - the kids had lots of fun. John was batman and Josie, Tigger !

Then came a party at the local highschool. This John was Spiderman and Josie was Cinderella!

Halloween day we went to go visit Great Grandma Candy (Derrick's Grandma) I asked John what he wanted to dress up as, and he said Seahawk. So here is the newest Seahawk John Young and the newest Seagal Josephine!

And finally we actually got to Halloween night!! We trick or treated at Grandma & Grandpa Cotton's and around there neighborhood. We then went to Grandma Mary and Grandpa Lou's community Halloween party.

Here Here is John dressed as a policeman, with Squeeky the clown. Josie was back to Tigger.... however was a little cautious of the clown. She did warm up but not close enough for a pic. Squeeky hasn't made an appearance in a while, can you guess who it is?

For those of you wondering, yes John loves to dress up. He was batman for almost the whole last year straight!


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Wow Em you have had a busy fall and Halloween. So many costume changes! :) The kids look so cute. I especially love the Seahawks gear!

Brent and Danae` said...

Very cute!!!

Karen K said...


I love keeping up with you guys. Truly do miss seeing you each week, but at least we always have Natalie Grant! Teeheehee

See you soon I hope!