Monday, October 09, 2006

It was 7 years ago today....

That Derrick and I walked down the aisle. One of our favorite songs is "Looks like we made it" I think that is the name of it! We have had many ups and downs, many great times, plenty of bad times. A few knock down dragouts... but over all we have had a good time coming together in the last 7 years. It takes time and commitment to really build a relationship and I think we have done that. You can't go through major traumas in life and not come out together if you didn't have something there in the first place! Happy 7th Anniversary Derrick!
** Note from Emily - I am laughing as I write this, for you who may not know Derrick and I's knock down drag out story - it happenedbefore we were married in Las Vegas. As the story goes, Derrick borrowed a dollar - then proceeded to win $$$ I can't remember how much exaclty but enough that I wanted my half! Derrick gave me my dollar back trying to be funny - and well I didnt' find it funny! So the knock down drag out began, in the middle of Bally's casino. The funny thing is that no one looked at us at all - middle of the casino arguing well it was an everyday occurence in Vegas... so we laugh about that all the time! Thought the story is funny and worth the add... **

We celebrated by going to the beach, Ocean Shores! We had some really nice family time It was lots of fun.

Here is dad and John running around in circles on the beach! Yes John has on pink boots. We couldn't find one of his frog boots, and the other pair I brought for him I did't realize until we go the beach that it was too small. So John took Josie's that we too big for her, and John's too small boots went to Josie. Hey it worked and they got to play, so all was well!!

John and Josie doing circles together.

Derrick had the great idea that we would rent one of these rigs for a while. Let's just say it is harder than you think to geth these going! Derrick's mom came with us to the beach too and even with her help we were really getting a work out!


Anonymous said...

happy anniverary guys!!:) time flies!

miss ya!!

Cagle Clan said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I still remember dancing at your wedding to Shania! :)

The Young Family said...

Thank you both for the kind words! 7 years is pretty awesome! We are having a blast with each other!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EMILY! I can't believe it, but I've been married longer then you guys?! That just seems weird to me... you guys are so blessed & obviously God wants you together, you complement each other so well. may you have MANY MANY more years of wedded bliss!