Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not your ordinary pumpkin patch!

Grandma Mary took us to the pumpkin patch. It was out off of Hwy 410 for those of you in the area... I had no idea pumpkin patches had so much to do! Hay rides, haunted house, sling shots, bouncy house, corn maze and monster truck rides! Yes I said it monster truck rides! Let me tell you us hick folks know how to have some fun in the mud with the monster trucks.
Yes, this is not a wonderful picture of me - however you can see how much fun I am having!

This is the monster truck! Full of mud, we did donuts in the mud bog. There was chunks of mud flying up over the sides, the were big balls of mud!

The corn maze....
I have never been in a corn maze before... and I think I would still be in the corn maze today if I wasn't with Derrick and everyone! In the middle of the maze they have a pirate ship... so the kids got to play on it, it over looked the whole corn maze. Pretty cool.

Picking pumpkins! John was so excitted to pick out a pumpkin! We scoured the big field and finally found the perfect pumpkin!

Here is little Josie on a tractor! Too cute.


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! Good thing you were with your family so that you made it out of the corn maze. I would hate for you to have to stay there until they cut down the corn stalks. :)

Mackenzie said...

They are getting so big, oh my goodness! I'm going to miss you guys!