Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kudos to the fire department!

I posted this on myspace, but I thought I should put it here as well.

I have wanted to say thank you to many people, for all the help they gave us, it is hard to find the words to say thanks. Friends and family are some of the people that I still need to thank for helping Derrick and I through our hardship this summer. But I felt a big thanks should go tot he fire dept.
This is the letter that has taken me months to write, everytime I sat down to write it I just couldn't it was such a hard time for us, that it is hard to relive the pain. I know the outcome was awesome, but the pain of it is still very much real to me. To almost lose someone, well words can't describe how that feels. That is why I haven't written personal thank you's that are so well deserved and so over due to all the other people that helped us. However after months I finally penned a letter to the heroes who brought Derrick back to life.

Editor, the Voice:

On June 24th my husband, Derrick Young, was airlifted from our home in ??????? to Harborview Medical Center. At the age of 33 he had a stroke.

I wanted to write and say thank you to the men and women of the Black ???? Fire department. At some point in transit my husband literally died, and the paramedics and firefighters brought him back to life. Words can't describe how grateful I am to the men and woman who saved his life.

Derrick is a volunteer Chaplain for the ??????? Fire department, I wanted to also say how much we appreciated the outpouring from the ??????? Fire Fighters as well. Derrick found out what it is like to have a real Firefighter family. Thank you all for helping us in our time of need. Derrick is typically the one that helps others in their times of need, so this meant a lot to us to know that there were many people out there looking out for us.

Thank you again to all of the Firefighters, for everything that you do. Derrick is now back at work, and has made a full recovery.

Emily Young
I realized I had to block out the cities, so I took the names out and replaced them with ??? hope that makes sense!! Those of you who know us, well you know the community!!

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