Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well today, bless his heart John found out what happens when you put to much toilet paper in the toilet! Yes, he flooded the bathroom floor. It was sort of cute- I went to go get Josie out of bed, and John was in our bathroom. Well he flushed once, (is what I think happened), then decided to put more paper in the toilet. When he flushed again he had put so much toilet paper in that, it flooded. Ofcourse bless is heart he had to fush again cuz the water "scared him" so he flushed again and well out came all the water... when he came down stairs his pants were soaked (they were still at his ankles) and he just kept saying "water scared me mama, water scared me!) by then I knew something wasn't right, came up to find water all over the master bath... Guess I needed to mop the master bath anyway! These are the types of things that you just have to laugh at, and try to explain to John what happens when you put too much toilet paper in the toilet!

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Anonymous said...

Thats my boy! Keep flushing it will go away. Good story. I miss out on all the fun stuff while I am at work. Which I should be doing now. Thanks for the break. You are the most amazing mother on the planet. You ROCK.
Dad, AKA Derrick