Friday, November 10, 2006

Rivers and Floods

Well as anyone knows that has seen the news is that the PNW has been hit by a major storm in the beginning of the week. On Mon I came home to a river running down our driveway. We have a main water run off that comes off of the highway down through our property. Bless his heart the person that owned the property before us didn't quite fix the problem the way it should have been done. So when I came home I found that there was so much water running through the pipes that the pipes couldn't hold it all. I went out to redirect some of the water, while I was out redirecting the water I heard a rumble come down the pipe.... then a boom... well we have a cement guard on top of the pipe to catch any splashes of water, that came crashing down about 3 ft from where it was! ( Derrick can dead lift this, but it is difficult for him, I can't lift it by myself at all) At this point I thought, this is not good! I went in and called the city (after all it is there water technically) they had a local church flooding but they would get to me as soon as possible they said. Oh great. I called Liz to tell her of our newest fun story, she said she would grab a shovel and come over to help. The city actually didn't take too long to come out. Ofcourse they informed me that it is really not there issue but would try to help anyway. They said the person that did the pipe was told not to do it this way, and there would be a problem. Ofcourse that really helps me now doesn't it.... Turns out when I heard the rumble, it was a boulder coming loose off the hill, and it went and blocked the pipe. So after getting soaking wet trying to move the boulder the poor city guy, I felt bad for him we were both soaking wet but he filled part of his boot! Let's just say I am not sure where the storm water comes from, but it doesn't smell pleasant! Anyway as soon as we got the boulder out of the way, the water stopped pooring over the side. It had already created 6" ruts in the driveway - all in about a 1/2 hour. Pretty amazing the power of water. The city guy said that was all they could do, and left. Then Liz showed up after that and helped me lift the cement gaurd back up and replace the boulders around it. All is well now and it has held over the past few days. Got to love the North West weather!

I wish I would have taken pics... maybe I will take some of the lake out back! The field next to us fills up like a lake - pretty impressive!

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