Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day

I have always wanted to take the kids each year to a Veterans Day parade so today we got to do that. They have pretty big parade in a town near us so we went out to honor those that have served in our armed forces. I have always been a supporter of our Armed Forces, but even more so after the 9/11 attacks. It is something that gets me emotional just thinking about the men and women that have fought for our freedom. I only know a few people that were in the military, and my hat goes off to them for sacrficing for our country. I think what makes me in awe of the men and women that have fought for this great country is that most did so on their own free will (Vietnam excluded, some were drafted) Even those that were drafted, and did go and serve well what a great tribute we owe them. I may not think we should be over in Iraq, or other areas but I support the men and women non the less that are there. Political agenda's aside our country is a free country because of the brave men and women who have fought to keep it that way.

We saw soldiers from WWII,Vietnam, Desert Storm and Operation Freedom. The group of people that brought a tear to my eye as they passed were the POW's . Prisoner of War. They had a hand full of men on a float, I can only imagine what they might have gone through as a prisoner. Perhaps I don't want to know what they went through, but the sacrificed an awful lot.

Derrick and I told John and Josie how we honor those that served in the military by standing as they walk by, by taking off our hats and clapping for them. This shows the men and woman that we respect what they have done.(We sat down when others went by mostly marching bands.) I can only pray that John and Josie grow up to understand that our Freedom has come with a high price. That men and woman have died, standing up for those that have been wronged. No matter the war or clnflict we might be in, I honor those that have served. I am happy to have taken part in a time honored tradition.

I also saw a gentleman standing on the side of the parade route who I wanted to hug. He was elderly man all dressed up in his military attire, he had a jacket on and on the back was a big patch stating that he was a Pearl Harbor survivor. Wow - What an honor for me to see someone that survived Pear Harbor, I wanted to go hug him. I just said Thank you instead.

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