Sunday, November 26, 2006


We had lots of fun this year at Thanksgiving. We spent this Thanksgiving over in Sequim with Derrick's sister and family.

This is LaVyonne Derrick's sister... hanging out and just chit-chatting. We don't get to do that all that often so that was great!

Her e is Josie looking like a little pirate! She enjoyed playing with a train set they had.

John learned how to ride his bike a little better, while we were there. We don't have any pavement by us so it is hard for him to ride... but they live on a quite street so all was well with him riding. Dad was out there for a long time walking and running along side of him. Dad saved John from some serious road burn a couple of times.

John and his cousin Brian rode the ATV, Detrix and and John got to do that together too. I just don't have a picture of Detrix and John on it.

The family also enjoys playing board games. What is weird is that Grandma Mary oves to play board games and is always playing someone, but in this picture she is missing - she went to take a nap with Josie - so it is kind of funny I don't have her in the photo because she is the avid board game player.

Then things got wild!
Derrick took John and Detrix to the Olympic game farm, where the bears are just a few feet away! You also get to feed buffalo right from your car! I will post some more of the photos of Game farm - they are really good!

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