Thursday, January 26, 2006

Christmas Thank you -

OK, Since I haven't got my Christmas Thank you cards out yet - or Josie's B-day party cards - I am feeling a bit guilty. It is that Catholic guilt sneaking its way back in. Yes I grew up in the Catholic church - many of you know we had that weird priest, oh yeah that narrows it down! Actually he is a great guy. Anyway I digress..... I am writing this blog to say thank you to an anomyous family member that I can't mention by name or I will be in big trouble - I have been told I have blogging rules that must be followed. No names no pics of them. So I will not name names.... but I will tell you all that one of my favorite gifts came from them. Take a look at the picture....

This wood piece came from Bethlehem..... yes where Jesus was born. I just thought this was the neatest thing. It says on it God Bless Our Home.... So I want to say thank you to the no name - no picture person that I think that was a wonderful and very thoughtful gift!

As far as thank you's go - I am the first to say they must be sent and quickly after the party celebration. So I am scolding myself (bad Emily) for not getting them out. May I now say - I am hoping to get them out soon. My goal is to have the kids color on them - it should be to actually get them out - but a goal is a goal. Hopefully you will see them in your mailbox soon. Love ya - Em


Anonymous said...

"No Name" says you are welcome....we will debate whether this violates the official blog rules as set forth by "No Name" and get back to you. Take care.



Marcie said...

What a COOL gift! Hi Emily it was great to hear from you too! Isnt' it funny how people reconnect in the most unique places like the internet!
So I LOVE MY iPod, that is evident from my blog. I wish I had the new one still, but I'm thankful I have one period. I would love to somehow get you on the downloading of music train! personally, since I'm an iPod person I'm an iTunes fan. Everyone is different, but that's me. I'm starting to think we should start some sort of Blog small group or something! I feel like when I see people who read my blog & when I read theirs like we haven't been apart ever. I really miss the people from RLC & I'm so thankful for so many that keep in touch with me thru my blog...I hope to keep in touch more often & yes, I remember quite awhile ago when we walked the supermall together. Didn't we see A Walk to Remember that night? That'll date us a bit! see ya! :)