Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Run from the Young home!

I stole the picture from Justin and Shanda's blog - I forgot they took the picture! Derrick thought since I just love guns that he would go all out and buy all the cousins semi-automatic bb guns... I think that is what they are called. Ofcourse Derrick had to get one, and well so did his best friend Justin. So now that we are all weapon ready - you will all have to come over and see if we can hit you with the bb's. I must say the boys had a great time running around all night, after they got them since are landscaping is still lacking - they had a great time trampling through out the yard! Detrix, Blake and Brian (his cousins) all got one, boy did they have fun!

This picture is of Detrix, Justin and Derrick getting ready to go attack one another. I don't know who was more excitted the teen or the adults!


Anonymous said...

thats jacked you stole our picture!!! thats hilarious cause shanda just put this up too! we did have a blast that night ( I did ) so anyways we love you guys and we'll do it again next christmas. Justin

Karen K said...

Wow! You have been busy with the blog. I haven't checked it in a bit and looky here...all updated! I love the story about John and the pen! I had to laugh out loud. Been there, done that. Well, we have to get together again, the Natalie Grant concert rocked, but hangin' with you after was the best part. Miss ya!