Saturday, January 07, 2006

Here is my new wheels!

So, since Derrick posted his car, well I thought I would post my new SUV! It is kind of a funny story - the SUV is for me and yet I didn't actually see the car before Derrick bought it. We have been looking for a couple of months now for an Expedition, so we knew what we wanted. But for some reason when we went to purchase there weren't any available with all the goodies we wanted. I found this one on line and only saw the pic of it. Derrick drove up and test drove it and made sure it had everything I wanted. He then bought it and brought it home. (He left his car at the lot so I could see my new car!) So that is the SUV story. I must say I am loving the SUV I feel so high in it, and I feel very huge and safe, that is a good thing! Em

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The Riley's said...

You spoiled lil girl you. Way to go D, I get to use other things to spoil my wife with. New car later. So when do we go for a ride?