Sunday, January 08, 2006

Master Bedroom

You've seen the master bath, now you can see the master bedroom. We have night stands coming in soon, we've never had night stands such a little thing that makes you excitted! So here it is.... now Jess you can see that the carpet isn't red - just the bed spread!

I don't know if you really all want to see a closet - but here it is! I think I gave all my clothes away - I looked at many of them after being in a box for a year - and I thought these are so old, so off to Goodwill they went! So I am going to have lots of fun replacing them over the next few months!


Carpenters said...

Your house looks great Emily! Oh and the cars too!


Marcie said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for writing to me the other day via my blog! I think I'm keeping more in touch with those from RLC more so then I did when I was there!! :) I was going thru your blog & just wanted to point out how you have the X's on TV in the picture. Just goes to show how lame I'm & how I remember silly facts!! (personally I don't like the show, but Noah does!!)
Look forward to reading more about your life. I must admit I'm a little behind on some stuff....!