Thursday, January 26, 2006

Since Christine won't update her site! (ha-gotcha) I will put a pic of her on my site!

Here is Christine and little Thea - they came over to play - Kjersti and John played well together - they got along! Kjersti and John have a long time stance with each other of not seeing eye to eye - so it was fun for them to share and get along! Yeah.

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The Riley's said...

(Please read in sarcastic undertone)

WoW! Thats what Thea looks like now.... From her blog I would never know... Since all that is on there is Newborn pictures or Kjerstis back. Wow is really good to see some recent pictures.. Maybe we should post some one of the other kids on ours so people can see how big there getting (OH wait.. I have)!! We love you pointing nose! :)