Monday, January 09, 2006

Josie's B-day party!

This is a picture of the icecream cake Gram Mary made for all of us to enjoy - it is bigger than Josie.

This picture of John and Josie was taken before the party - they were both dressed in Seahawk garb. They looked so cute - but I couldn't get them both to sit still this is as close as we got!

Josie's B-day cake Grandma Mary made her one all for herself!

Look at this determination!

This is a present she got from Gram and Grampa Cotton - I wanted to get her in it cuz she looked so little - but again she wouldn't hold still!

We had the family b-day party last night for Josie. As it turns out part of the family couldn't make it due to illness. But the party must go on - I must tell you all I had John pick out the wrapping paper for Josie's gifts, I knew John might have a hard time with her opening stuff so I thought him picking out paper may help. He picked out care bears for her.(He loves the care bear movie) So, Derrick and I were down on the computer before the party, and when we went up stairs John had opened up all of Josie's presents. So he got in trouble and went to his room. We didn't have time to go buy more paper so I put the torn peices back on the presents and called it good. This will be a birthday story we can tell him for years to come I thought! When John came out of his room I told him he needed to help mama put the presents together. I asked him, Did you have fun opening all of Josie's gifts? " Yes ma ma he said. I just laughed.

I had fun opening Josie's gifts with her. I would start the tear and she would finish it!
I don't think Josie got any cake in her mouth - she just made it into a million little pieces! But had lots of fun doing it!

Happy Birthday Josephine Annie Forever - - We love you.

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