Friday, September 08, 2006

You can do it at a trot... you can do it at a gallop ... you can do it real slow so your heart won't palpitate.... just don't be late.....

Doing the Puyallup!

This cow cracked us up, look at how little the girl was leading the cow around! It was just funny to watch.... and what is wrong with us watching them actually judge cows! you know we are from a hick town when you watch them judge cows!

Here is Derrick and the kids just starting out at the fair!

Cowboy up! What Fair would not be complete with out a RODEO! We got in to watch the last of the women's barrel racing and then the BULLS came up next! John was so excitted to watch the bulls. We watch them on TV almost every night - so to see them was great!

Up up and away - John was the only one on this fire truck!

Josie was too little to go on the rides this year... 32" instead of 36" so she just watched... isn't she cute though?

Jimmy Neutron was even at the Fair... John was happy to seee him. Josie wouldn't go near him.

Every year Auntie Margeret and I go to the opening day of the fair together... So here is Auntie M and John in line at the petting zoo. I don't hav ea picture of Troy Auntie M's son, but he is always there to lend a helping hand too!!
Thank you Auntie M and Troy we had fun! Shout out to Derrick's cousin Shannon, we saw her at the fair too... next year we will all go together!

Here is John petting a sheep at the petting zoo. No Josie wouldn't go into the petting zoo either... infact we made it to see the horses and then she wouldn't go into any barns at all... She would however pet the police dog, but not a bunny. Personally the police dog scares me more than the bunny but hey that is okay she still had fun!

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Marcie said...

I was there on Friday too with my mom. Sorry missed you guys! Had to like getting in free though!!