Monday, September 18, 2006

Life Lessons

The other day on the radio I heard a commercial for a new book out about parenting. I heard two commercials from this book. Each commercial I listened to I thought, "Give me break" that is the really stupid. Then Derrick and I were headed to church and he heard one of the radio commercials too. All's I said was, did you hear that? He said that is the stupidest thing I have heard, we are not buying that book! It made me laugh because when I heard the commercials at first, I thought they were dumb and not on target, but I thought maybe I was just over reacting. Then to hear Derrick say that too, well it just made me smile. I won't get into what the book is called. But I will tell you it is all over the radio as new teaching material for your kids. In the commercial that Derrick heard the author talks about how life is not fair. True life is not fair. He then explains that children have different bed times, and the child with the earlier bedtime may ask why are they going to bed earlier then the other child? The answer is well that life is not always fair. OK, to me he could stop at that answer but no, he thn goes on to explain to the children that life is not fair, and how last night 30,000 children died last night because they were born in the wrong country. See life is not fair. Hold up - this is how you choose to teach people about parenting? Relate going to bed, with children dying? Who is this person? I just have to say - please before you go purchase things, please think about the type of things the person is saying, not just they are a backed by a "family friendly radio station" . I won't even get into the other commercial, because it so irritates me, and I know it is a popular thing to say to your kids rigt now.... just know that God is in us, and if God is in us and in your children well then God wants good things for your kids. To think differently is just silly. I am irritated with this author, but I am also finding it comical that he would be endorsed so widely. Any way - just some thoughts from me. Use your own judgement when it comes to your kids, you dont' need to frighten children into learning about life. Life can have its good and bad and ugly things with out us running in and scaring our children with "lessons". Let kids be kids, don't argue in front of them, let them figure out the world around them in due time. For now let them play and have fun.

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Marcie said...

I haven't heard this commercial yet, but I can almost hear the violins playing in the background... Now dont' get me wrong we should be concerned about how many children are dying in other countries, BUT I believe in a God that does NOT make MISTAKES & he equips us to help those countries with their situations. Umm Hello? Isn't it a little off base to consider that a parenting book when that would scare some kids knowing that. I would rather we rise up our kids to pray for those hurting children & sponser a child rather then use extreme measures to counter how life "isnt fair."