Tuesday, September 19, 2006

daddy ok!

Here is a pic of Josie and John this summer dancing in the media room!

Everyday people's lives change forever. Some people find out they have cancer, others a heart attack and some are stroke victims. My thought today was just how fortunate I feel about the situation with Derrick. Many people don't survive strokes, or they are never able to talk after a stroke. By the grace of God Derrick was healed. I am just so greatful for that. It is beyond overwheling to wrap your brain around what happened. I am so thankful to have my husband back at work, to watch him every night play with the kids. To wrestle with John, to teach him to be a fighter. Our son John remembers what happened. If we talk about it, he will chime in and say things too. That is hard. I want John to just be a kid, and yet he has already seen something devestating in our lives at such a young age. Yet, he also know that daddy is ok, so that is what I focus in on. I talk to him about what he remembers, which is mainly daddy on the couch, daddy was hurt. The fireman took daddy in the airplane (helicopter) and helped daddy. Then they took him to the best doctors. I want him to know that Doctors are wonderful and they helped to save daddy. But I also want him to remember and know that God healed daddy. Daddy is walking and here today because God healed dad. He will often ask me, "daddy ok, mommy?" Kind of out of the blue. If I ask him why he asks that he says "daddy on the couch mommy". So whenever he asks if daddy is ok, I immediately respond and tell him that daddy is ok, remember God healed daddy when he was hurt. God healed daddy he repeats. It is just amazing that at such a young age children are so aware of the circumstances around them.

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