Sunday, September 24, 2006

It was 10 years ago today that.....

Ten years ago today - I met Derrick! Truly it is a lovely story. I went out to go get drunk, sang lots of Kareoke.... that is a great combo really! That is where Derrick walked up to me and kissed me! The rest as they say is history.

A Week after I met Derrick his father died. Let's just say that accelerated our relationship. I found myself looking at this guy in my apartment, that answered a phone call and just fell to the ground... (it is then he heard the news about his dad) not the best way to start out a relationship. To add to the fun my Thunderbird blew a water pump on the way from the funeral home, to the grave sight. We were the last car in the line, so no one knew what had happened. They started the funeral then realized Derrick wasn't there - so they waited form him to get there. This guy that I had just met was riding in my car ( one of Derrick's friends) - he jumped out and got a ride back to the funeral home - got his car then picked up Derrick and went to the funeral. This friend turned out to be Kurt. Glad you were in the car Kurt, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten to the funeral at all.

But here we are 10 years later. (Married 7 years - - October 9, -- 1999) Hard to believe that in going out drinking I met my man. lol oh the days of our youth! Just glad we made it out alive!

So here's to you babe - thanks for making that bold move!

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