Saturday, September 16, 2006

Need a pick me up for the day?

This is a repost of the miracle that took place July 7, 2006. I have been thinking about just how awesome this truly is.... really this could be a chapter in the bible... some of you know what Derrick and I have been through, all the truly tragic things that have made us who we are today... who else do you know that has had a heartattack at age 24, cancer at age 30 and a stroke at age 33... well Derrick has. Walking, talking, breathing testiment to who God is... Seek first the Kingodom and all else shall be added unto you. Ontop of all those things our daughter was born with two tumors, one that made it difficult for her to breathe - 10 days after being home from the hospital with our daughter... our (rental) home burned down. We rose form the ashes and stand tall today. I am happy that we chose to build our foundation on a rock, not quick sand like it may seem at times. God is good all the time, know matter the circumstance he is always there for us.

I am reposting this - so that you can see God's miracles still take place today!

Believe what you will about God. I will tell you that God is as real today as he was when the bible was written. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. With that said I will say either you believe that God is real or you don't. But if you believe that God is real then you believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came to earth and then died on the cross for our sins, he was risen from the dead and now sits on the right hand of our Father (God).
With that said I will tell you what occured today in our lives.
Derrick was in the hospital bed, pastor Jimmy, and a friend of ours Greg began to pray over Derrick. I don't know how long into praying it was but Derrick began to shake uncontrollably. Both sides of his body. His right and left arms and his right and left leg. Derrick said to us my arm is burning, it is hot. We kept praying. Again not sure how long it was, but I looked up at Derrick and his hand was raised up he was holding it up on his own. He couldn't do that earlier in the day. We kept praying and thanking God for Derrick's strength to return. Derrick kept shaking, and shaking. He told us he could feel his arm, really feel his arm it was not numb. We then all began to focus on Derrick's leg. Thanking God for the circulation to return, thanking God for full strength. He then bent his knee up! Again he could not do this earlier in the day!!! Kept thanking God and thanking God asking for full strength. When we stopped praying Derrick scooted himself up by his left leg, the one he couldn't feel earlier in the day. He now can feel his arm and leg! He was physically exhausted after this happened. Jimmy and Greg left, and Derrick rested for about a half hour. About an hour after we had all prayed Derrick was suppose to go to physical therapy for the second time today. He stood up and sat in a chair and waited for the physical therapist. When they came into the room. He asked Derrick some questions and just kind of looked at him, in disbelief. After having Derrick move his left arm around. He said to Derrick, do you wanna walk now? Derrick stood up and walked. After doing some more basic movement tests Derrick walked out of the hospital bed. A second physical therapist was following Derrick with a walker and after half way down the large hallway on his floor she looked at me and said I feel like an idiot, with this and put the walker aside.
Derrick went into the gym, where he did everything the physical therapsit asked him to do. The physical therapist that had seen him earlier. Her mouth dropped when Derrick entered. She couldn't even focus on the other patient she had in there! When we walked back to Derrick's room all the nurses on the floor, well there mouths were wide open and were completely staring at Derrick. Silent.
Shortly after that Derrick saw another therpasit to see if he had "everyday function" they brought his to a mock kitchen where he fried an egg. The occupational therapist told Derrick she had seen us earlier praying for Derrick and she quoted scripture saying the scripture (my paraphrasing here) Where two or more are gathered God is in the midst!
We then got the discharge orders at 4:00 about 3 1/2 hours after God healed Derrick through prayer!!
When Derrick walked out of the hospital all the nurses started clapping and all the patients in the common area too. They had all just witnessed a miracle. God is REAL.
Words can't describe how in awe of God I am , I literally watched a miracle take place! Praise God. Praise God.

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