Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Are you great?

The other day I heard a message about this, greatness. The question is are you great in all you do? Well in the first thought you would probably answer no, I fall short sometimes, I need more of this, more of that in my life.... however to truly answer the question dives you deeper into yourself, the way you view yourself. Are you great? Well yes I am, I am capable of anything. I can do all things. I am a great mother, I am a great wife, I am a great housekeeper, I am fantastically great at what I do! As soon as you set your eyes on the positive things, you can focus on them instead of focusing on the negative things, look to what you do right. I am a grat mom! Funny enough this is the same type of thinking that the event coordinators tought us at the triathlon. You call it your mantra... what you say to yourself when you are running out of steam and want to quit. I am a terrific swimmer, bicyclist, runner! What ever part of the course you are on, you tell your self that you are a great athlete in that event. The great thing is it works! When you tell yourself I can do this... well you can and you do what you say. I personally used this through labor... I had to tell myself outloud that I could do this. The nurse actually commented to me about it, " oh isn't that cute, you are saying you can do this" I didn't care what it looked like I had to get through something significant. So there you go, thoughts for the day. If you are going through a trial, you can get through it you are a man or a woman of God, and you will percevier. Someone spreading ruomors? You are a man or woman of God and your light will shine through! Focus on the positive! I am great!

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Cagle Clan said...

I like that!
The bible does tell us to speak to ourselves in this way. Karen Steere is always telling me that too. :) It works because you're speaking truth and life over yourself.
It really helps to counter the thoughts of the enemy..the "you can't" and "you'll never" type of thoughts. We have to resist those! :) Thanks for the good reminder.