Sunday, July 13, 2008

Go diego Go! Live

Friday night, we got tickets to go see Go Diego Go Live! It was in the WaMu theater down between the Seahawks and the Mariners Stadiums. Very cool. It was very interactive and grownups and kids alike had fun.

Yes, we are fun parents and made D get in the picture too! I love having pictures of all three of them together! He is always a great sport and goes along for the ride.

Detrix mom gave us the tickets, and is a state farm agent, with her own office and since state farm was the main sponsor friends and family got tickets... very nice of her to think of us. We wish we could get some kind of special rates from her, but after our home burned down, we were dropped by State Farm in the middle of construction. Darn insurance companies! Obviously State Farm had to pay out a pretty penny for our policy, so I guess that is how it works, you make a claim and get dropped. I have heard that from other insurance companies too. So it is just the industry. They did cover everything, so I can't complain other than they won't give us insurance!

The performers were really good. They had all the kids entertained. I think the funniest character (not shown in the pic) was the Rescue Pack. If you watch the cartoon, the Rescue pack does a whole song, when he comes to help Diego. Well during the show this guy comes out in a suit with a huge rescue pack on him, and starts dancing. This guy did mostly the old school dancing and had all the kids and adults rollin' laughing. He did the sprinkler, I think I saw the running man and Derrick's favorite the shovel. Detrix and I looked at each other as we were watching and said this is Derrick (Dad) to a tee! I could so see Derrick in this costume bustin' out all the old school moves, it was priceless. On the cruise a couple of years ago, Derrick was caught on video tape bustin' a move doing the ever popular Shovel Move! Too fun!

So this was the kick off to our weekend. Another post to come soon.... we had a packed weekend!

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Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I guess my kids are getting too old, I have no idea what this go Diego go thing is all about. LOL. But it sounds like you had some nice family time. :)