Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do you see the chip on my shoulder? Put up your dukes!

I have come to the conclusion that I *may* have a chip on my shoulder about this whole exercise stuff. Hmmm, I know you are all probably shocked to hear that, coming from me. I realized after writing the previous post, and then letting it marinate over night, that I *may* be a little sensitive and on edge, when the discussion of exercise comes up. I *may* jump to the conclusion that the person - who ever it is that I am talking too - assumes I am not capable of doing a triathlon, or a running event. I *may* be the one with the problem, not the other person. Can it be? Could it be I have my cackles up and my claws out before the person says a word? hmmm.

Before jumping to my defense and saying no, no, no you are in the right the whole world is against you and thinks you can't exercise.

Let's back up a bit. It *may* be that I have this preconceived notion that I can't do it, lingering somewhere in the back of my mind. This thought that people think I am a poser in their athletic world. But alas this self doubting me has not been seen in so many years! why now? Could it be my late 1980's - early 1990's self is trying to get back at me? Could it be that person the late 80's exercise poser is just ticked off, because this stronger healthier me, has won the battle? I am thinking that the chip on my shoulder *may* come up ever now and then, and I think it is OK. I have faced my non- exercising self, and I have won. I have thrown down my own doubts and fears and beaten them into submission. They *may* rear their ugly head now and again, but I think that is OK. For now I am smiling, knowing my future is brighter than ever. My goal is bigger than today. (that is by the way my new favorite saying!)

9 mile ride last night
swim - no idea how far?
7 mile run today
9 mile ride tonight
swim tonight


Carly said...

I am the same way. When I tell people I run, often I get the raised eyebrow. It is as if they are saying "you are too fat to run". Even though they never say it, the usually follow up with the "I know someone who is a (better, faster, fitter) runner" blah blah blah.

I have gotten over the defensive part because I am still doing more than most people.

You are doing great in your training. Keep up the great work.

Viv said...

i hear ya but you are a runner and everything else! Great job on the workouts!

Anonymous said...

Hey...everyone is an athlete...some are just not in training. You are an athlete!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer your question you left on my blog about salt tablets. I've been in Texas with no internet. Anyway, I just thought I'd try them because it's been so hot outside and I've noticed a lot of salt loss in my sweat on my body. (my dogs love to try and lick it off after a run or bike). Also, in my last full physical, the doctor did bloodwork to test everything cuz I just turned 40. The only thing that was not in the "normal range" was my sodium level - funny huh! It was just a tad bit low.

It may be mental, but the salt tabs seem to help me feel better during the last part and end of my long runs in the heat.

Megan said...

Even if you did have a chip on your shoulder, it's there because you earned it - you get on those streets and in that water when so many people let their own fears prevent them from doing the same thing. Your chip is built from all those miles you logged, and all those personal hills you climb and get over.

Wear that chip proud.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Hey, I know how you feel. I tell people I run, and then put in the "albeit slowly." Like I need to back up my running or justify it or something.

Keep it up. You are awesome!