Saturday, July 05, 2008

As our Independence day was yesterday I thought this was a fitting post!

BOGOTA, Colombia - Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt embraced her children for the first time in six years Thursday, saying the thought of them helped her stay alive until a daring rescue plucked her and 14 other hostages from the jungle.
"Nirvana, paradise — that must be very similar to what I feel at this moment," Betancourt said, fighting back tears as her son reached over to kiss her. "It was because of them that I kept up my will to get out of that jungle."
All around the world there are people being held against their will. I pray that those captured and being held against their will, will soon have their own independence day. I celebrate for with these families, can't imagine what the 6 years of torture were like for all involved.
Truly an amazing story!

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Wes said...

Hope you guys had a great fourth!! :-)