Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back at it

As I make my way back to my long run (for me a long run is 10+ miles) , I am mentally battling what it takes to get there. As I have run 3 - 5 milers in the past few days, I can't help but think about the mental side of the sport. What makes you go out and do things that other people won't even try? Truly I can say this in other areas of my life as well. I have told people what my hubby and I have been through over the years, (baby born with tumors, house burning down, stroke) most often there response is I could have never gone through that. My response is typically, well what choice did I have? Life happens and you have to deal with it. I think there is always a reason we go through hard times, whether or not it is training when we are preparing for a race, or in life when something just comes at you and knocks you off your feet. How do you handle it? I must confess I am lot better equipped at handling what everyday life throws at me than I was two years ago. I don't have that sense of panic anymore when something comes up like I used to. I used to freak out, and panic and worry, well what does that get you? nothing. It leaves you stressed and worried. Now when something happens, I may worry and I may have a few moments of panic but it does not consume me. I missed a couple of weeks of training. I am not panicking... I am know I have a base built, and I will be back on track in no time. Just like in life. You may get thrown off a bit, but you will be back on track soon enough.

Know that impossible things happen. Do you have a dream of running a 10k? Go out there and make it happen! Do you have dreams of a family unified together? Go out and make that happen, impossible things are all around us, you just have to believe in the possibilities! I have myself run a 1/2 marathon something I thought was impossible at one time. How did I do that? I believed in myself. I also took the required steps to make it happen. Sure there are days you don't want to do things, you don't want to run, but you run any way knowing that you have a goal that is bigger than today....

Just some thoughts!!

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Viv said...

Amen, there are some things we can make happen it is soley up to us.