Friday, November 30, 2007

Another one for the book!

So if you have read our blog for a while, you may remember about a year 1/2 a ago we had a person run down our drive way and steal a pair of shoes. The police brought them back at about 3am. He had crashed his car then ran. Well Tuesday I put Josie down for her nap and I hear a helicopter outside. I am thinking man that sounds close, what is the helicopter doing? I go outside and look up and it is making a big circle around our neighborhood and the couple of neighborhoods near by. I am not bothered at first but after an hour I think, something is really not right here. I went and locked all the doors and go upstairs to see if I can see anything. I look over into the neighbors yard to see two police officers peering over our fence and the yard behind us. There are two officers and a K-9. Now I am a bit worried obviously they are looking for someone. They search the yard quite well directly behind us and then move on. I went and did a few things then decided to take a peek out again to see what is happening. As I look out the window I see a guy come flying over our fence and fall into our yard... ok yeah I am freaking out now... is this guy armed, what did he do? I have to admit Derrick and I help out a lot of people so as I see this guy come over the fence I am completely staring at him making sure we don't know him! Relief, it is no one we know! We have an awning in the back so I can't see where he went I don't know if he is still in our yard or somewhere else. I grab the phone and call 911 and tell them the guy they are searching for is in our backyard. As I am on the phone with 911 I see an officer next door and the K-9 they are right behind him. I don't want to yell, I still don't know if the guy is in our yard or what.... so I tap on the window and get the officers attention then point he came through our yard. I get a thumbs up from the officer and he radios others. I didn't see what happens next (thank God!) but the neighbor across the street said the police came through the next door neighbor on the other side of us with guns drawn! (I think I would have had a heart attack seeing that) I guess they caught the guy two doors down. One of neighbors caught the whole thing on video camera and gave it to the local news station and they aired the guy getting arrested. What a day! It was a little stressful! I have to give props to the suspect he was running from them for over 2 1/2 hours... he looked a little spent when he came over the fence. In our neighborhood alone he had jumped 4 - 5' fences. Rather impressive! The police though were close behind him, they looked like they were a bit tired too, quite a foot chase. Oh yeah the funny part - the guy was in a high speed chase and crashed his car and got out and ran... what are the odds that this happened twice to us?


Cagle Clan said...

That is so crazy!!! I personally love that stuff...guns drawn, chasing bad guys...but I guess I am kinda used to it. All those ridealongs. Except the bad guy being in your back yard part..THAT would freak me out!! That is scary! So glad you locked your doors! At first your story sounded EXACTLY like a pursuit and foot chase John was in the other night...but then I realized your story probably happened during the day. :) But it was very similar with the K9 track and everything.
Not too long ago I drove by some KPD Officers and they had their guns drawn on a guy and I was like "Hey, that's Officer so and so" and for a split second I even thought about honking and waving....but then, I figured probably not the best idea! :) I have seen John with his gun drawn on someone enough times I guess it's become "normal" :).
Oh, and I think the cops deserve the props for chasing the bad guy all over...after all they do it with about 40 extra pounds of stuff on!!! :)

The Young Family said...

I still have to give the props to the suspect... I'll give the cops the 40lbs of stuff, but the suspect was being persued for over 2 1/2 hours and he didn't have the use of radios, canines or a helpicopter.

;) Em

Cagle Clan said...

Guess it would have been easier for him just not to run. :)

The Young Family said...

True. However I think the police live for the chase... what kind of stories would the police have if no one ran? :)

Have a good weekend! Go play in the snow!

Cagle Clan said...

Yes, I will admit it...when I am on a ridealong I always get a little disappointed when a car actually just pulls over. :)

It's also fun for the K9's...they REALLY live for that chase!

"The new Worship Pastors" said...

OH Em, I can't belive that! When we lived in our little house in Timberlane, there was a pursuit like that. But the bad guy didn't go through our yard. What an exciting post.