Thursday, November 08, 2007

Our house!

I just realized I haven't taken a photo of the outside of the house! oops I will have to post it later. It is a 5 bedroom home in a small neighborhood close to Kent/Fairwood area.

John and Josie in pajamas the day we moved in! They were so excited to move as soon as John woke up he yelled at Josie" We are moving into our new house today!" so we all got up and went to the new house. We were staying with our friends Liz and Foster for a couple of nights before the trip we took and then a night after we got back from the trip and before we moved in. It is always a bit chaotic to take in 2 kids and a dog! So thank you!

Little "power ranger" John in the family room.
master bath I realize these pictures don't really do the house justice... so I will have to take some more now that we have all of our furniture in it!

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Marcie said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL! Glad you are back online!!