Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Boxes!

A bit out of order as far as posting but here it goes:

So before the movers came dad was a genius and took two big wardrobe boxes and cut "doors" into them making them John and Josie's own homes for a few days, the house was set to close on Mon/Tue and the movers were coming on Friday before that. So we thought a few days would be fun camping in the living room.... As I think I said what we thought would be fun for a few nights (it turned into over a week) it was a bit much for mom and dad. However the kids had a blast.

This is it - our little "camping spot" in the living room before we moved!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like we need to come over for a slumber party. Thanks again for dinner it was yummy! I can't believe we are going to Europe in a few days and I won't see you for weeks. Thanks again for taking Shermy. We really appreciate it. Hobo will get to be the Alfa dog for a while. :)

Love foster and liz