Wednesday, November 21, 2007

why do we shoot our wounded?

Yet another scandal this morning on the daily news show. No, not Brittney's divorce it was another pastor fallen from grace. This time his church of 10,000 is now down to 1,500 they closed down a bible college. What gets me is this: The pastor in question was not the head pastor at the time. It was his father. Yet the church congregation is gone. Here is my question, the son and current pastor had nothing to do with it he was innocent why is he being punished for something that he didn't do? I did come in at the end of the broad cast so maybe I missed part of the scandal but in my mind I don't get it. EVERYONE makes mistakes why as a whole do Christians tend to out there own when a mistake was made? Sure I get it pastors/priests/ministers are suppose to live by the bible... sure we all are. I tend to look at these circumstances differently than most. When an unwed girl comes to church pregnant what typically happens; most times she is shunned out of the church. A kid on drugs, told not to come back until they are not on drugs. Having health issues? Well maybe your faith isn't strong enough for you to be healed is a phrase I have heard before. I say that is crazy! Call me crazy but isn't a church where everyone is welcome - especially those in need? All through the bible people made epic huge mistakes - hmmmm did the story end there? No! What happened to these people, well they were restored. Then amazingly enough they went on to do incredible marvelous things. Why is today no different? Why can't people be restored? I say they can. I say they should. Wouldn't it have been better to keep the bible college going and teaching people about theology? Why is the son being punished, the congregation down to 1,500... he did nothing wrong. Let's restore people and show them love. Sure the(offending) people should be taken out of a prominent roll for a time so that they can be restored. Remember pastors/priests/ministers are everyday people serving others. Should they try to stay out of trouble, duh! of course. We all should. Instead of judging let's show some compassion for them. I love in a recent interview with Billy Graham he talks about how when he dies he would almost like to leave notes on all the things he has struggled with over his life so people could see that he struggles with things too. Now I am not implying that Billy Graham has some big sex scandal or something like that, I absolutely love Billy Graham as do most people but his point is right on, everyone struggles with something. If no sin is above another why can't everyone be forgiven? In recent years we have seen many pastors fall. We will see even more fall in the coming years. I hope that as a whole we can start showing compassion for these pastors instead of kicking them when they are down. I guess I have always looked at pastors/ministers/priests as teachers. Everyday people that have a gift and a calling to teach others and motivate others about the bible. Everyday people have everyday challenges.

I know this won't be a popular post. I am ok with that.


Cagle Clan said...

I think this actually will be a popular post, I think most would agree with you.
I have lived that story, and am living proof of how God can redeem and transform and restore a "fallen life". So, I clearly believe in the process of restoring someone. Of coarse you can only do that if they WANT to be restored and are repentent. But, I was shuned, turned into an outcast of the church, ex-communicated... and one thing I will say about all that is, that it gives me NO right to give ANY room in my heart to bitterness or resentment. Because just like I am capabale of mistakes and is the church. I have nothing but love and grace for those who treated me the way they did (although that was a process of coarse), and God has turned it all around anyways. He has turned the shame of the outcast into praise. That is what He is in the business of doing. He delights in using those that the world would never choose. But, our hearts do have to be right, walking in repentance and forgiveness and there can be no room in our hearts for bitterness or malice. We have all fallen, and stand only by grace.
I am glad when people like you are passionate about standing up against injustices in the church. Love it.

Andrea said...


Marcie said...

Who cares if its an uncomfortable subject! If it makes people uncomfortable then maybe they need to examine their hearts about how they view people like that.
I agree w/ YOu em that "we" being the "christians" are so quick to write people off when they sin. We often forget that those who do fall into sin come out of their sin closer to God.
I cannot say I have heard of the story you are speaking about, but its just the same story, but a different day.
Excellent Post!
Keep them coming.