Thursday, November 15, 2007

Princes and Princess

We went to Disney On Ice last night. We had a blast!
Can you name all the Disney princesses? There were 7 main princesses at the performance... bet I can stump you!?

Our handsome young man, and our little princess they are ready to go see Disney on Ice. Josie is dressed as one of her favorites, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. her other favorite is Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

John and Josie both went nuts when Ariel came out.

John and I watching the show!

The finale - all the princesses, and Mickey and Minnie ofcourse, they also had Tinker Bell as a special guest.


Marcie said...

well I'm going to try...
Sleeping beauty (Aurora)
snow white
Mulan (wait thats more then 7)
But I wouldn't consier poco. or mulan major princesses.

Now whadda I win!? LOL! JK!

The Young Family said...

You got them all - pocohontas wasn't included in the show. I think Mulan got in by marrying into royalty - the rest were already princess right? no wait was Belle? hmmm... one to ponder!