Saturday, November 10, 2007

Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios

I haven't had so much fun in a long time, our trip to Disneyland was so fantastic! On our second day we took the kids into the Bugs life show at California Adventure... we ran into Disney people handing out free passes for Disney's a year of a million dreams. So we each got these free passes. They were fast passes for all the major rides in Disneyland and California Adventure. We were able to go on all the major big rides with out waiting! We wouldn't have been able to do them all in one day cuz the lines were long, we felt like rockstars!

John and Josie with Mr. Incredible!

John got so excited when he saw Woody from Toy Story that he jumped off the bench we were all sitting on and fell flat down on his face. His excitement turned into a "oh my goodness moment" of him getting hurt. By the time we got him up Woody was gone. Thankfully we were going into an exhibit and he was in there. So John was very happy to finally meet him.

Two happy children at Disneyland! Notice the ears ~ aren't they too cute!

This picture says it all doesn't it? John was 42" and could go on most of the rides at all the parks. There was only a few he couldn't ride on, probably better that he couldn't some of them were scary! Funny story ~ look at John's shoes. They are Mickey Mouse crocs. We were walking around California Adventure when John just stopped walking. We couldn't figure out what was wrong he stopped in the middle of a crowd and wouldn't move. We finally got him to tell us his toe hurt. We take off the shoe and uh oh blister. So off came the shoes and socks. But now what? Derrick and John set off to go find some shoes. Derrick came back and John was running and playing in the new shoes. I said to Derrick, "How much were they" waiting to cringe, after all Disney prices aren't the cheapest. Derrick smiled and said "Mickey Mouse crocs $35.00, Mickey Mouse socks $4.00, bandaid $4.00, Happy child at Disneyland PRICELESS!" Seriously it was a perfect commercial! The shoes are too cute and he wore them the whole rest of the trip. A great investment.

We flew Detrix and Grandma Mary down for an extended weekend. This is dad and D "thuggin' it" by the Haunted House.
This is one of the actors from the Waterworld show at Universal Studios. The show was one of my favorites lots of stunts and action.
Spongebob Square pants at Universal Studios. I think we chased him for a few minutes, we were behind him and he couldn't see John or Josie!

Grandma Mary and John and Josie! When we hook up the scanner I will scan in the picture of Mary and I at the Tower of Terror Hotel at California Adventure, we both had never been on the ride and were screaming the whole time! Mary screamed so much on the ride she lost her voice, now that is a good time!

Look at this happy boy! We were about to go into Universal Studios.... oh the excitement!

More pictures for you all later.

We had the most relaxing and fun time. We needed a family vaation, and we got a fun one. We played in the pool at our hotel, we had a pool side room that was lots of fun.

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