Saturday, August 19, 2006

The trip from ..... Austin to Seattle.

The day Derrick was to fly out to Austin to help Foster drive the truck and trailer to Seattle. The terrorist's plot had been thwarted. (You know the new terrorist plot that was suppose to take down planes bound for the US) So Derrick got to deal with amazingly long lines at the airport for security, and due to the security issues - the plane left Seattle late. For some reason they didn't hold the connecting flight and he missed the connection by 10 minutes... after an hour in the customer service line - he did wined up on another plane - bound for Dallas. It was in Texas and not too far out of the way so Derrick got on the plane and Foster started driving from Austin. It was 3am in the morning.

The second day of the trip didn't start out too well...

the following happened....
Will duct tape fix this Derrick?

hmmm this doesn't look right. Notice the tire behind the blown tire.... um going flat again!

Then they came upon a fatality acccident that had just happened. Derrick well, being a chaplain got out and offfered his assistance. Due to the location of the accident though there was no one there but the injured to help out with. A chaplain is called out on a scene of a death when there is family or friends to help them deal with the devestating news of the loss.
I put this picture up because I find it amazing that the helicopter landed in the middle of the road.

Derrick and Foster finally made it to Reno. They spent the night here and tried to recoop from their day!

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