Sunday, August 13, 2006

Empowered People

Our pastor taught on living an empowered life. Here are a bit of the highlights from what he said today. It really spoke to me and was on par with what I have been going through recently, so I thought I would share - - -

How to live an empowered life...

1.) Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

Are you being tolerated in your friendships, at work at church? Don't allow your self to be tolerated, go where you are celebrated. Why be around people that don't want you around, or just tolerate you being there. Go to where people are happy to have you there, and happy to have you in their life.

2.) You don't have to justify who you are to people.

As long as you have a relationship with God, and our talking to God then why feel the need to justify your self to people. As long as you are doing the right thing, there is no need to have to justify. Your fruit should show who you are. If you have no fruit, then maybe you need to look at your relationship with God. When you are blameless to God, confessing your sins to God then there is fruit in your life.

Our pastor told a story of someone that told him years ago - he wasn't a real pastor, because he didn't condemn people. Our pastor said well good. thank you for the complement. He lives an empowered life. No need to justify who he was to that person.

3.) When you give up your life for God, you truly have a life.

When you live your life for someone other than yourself, for a higher purpose and a higher calling then you are truly living life. When you can give up your life for the calling that God has on your life then you will truly live. God's plan for our lives is way better than what we can picture for our own lives, so live God's full calling on your life. Listen to that small still voice in side of you.

**pastor told his own story here on his family** I added my own story!
I would give up my life for my husband and three kids in a heart beat. I wouldn't think twice. If my child could live, I would freely give me life. When Derrick was in the hospital I would have given anything to have it be me laying there and not him. I would have sacrficied my life it meant he wouldn't have to go through that pain. To truly give up your life for someone, is actually very freeing. To give up your life for the life God has planned for you is the most freeing at all.

I just loved what he had to say today - Truly spoke to me - I have had a hard time with just one of the steps lately, and it helped me to put that hard time to rest. Truly living a empowered life is who I am. Shouldn't we all live an empowered life?

Thanks for listening!

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