Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seiku 2006

Every year we head off to Seiku, this year we pulled Grandpa's boat with our expedition ( I did!! ) Grandpa and Derrick did a bike trip around the peninsula on their Harley's. Everyone made it safe and we had a great time! Here are some pics.

Some of our crew catch! Fishies! Fishies everywhere!!

Little John was so excitted that he got a "fish" so he wanted to take a picture of with the fish. Until we got him next to the fish then well he wasn't so excitted. You see when dad was on the boat and caught a fish, he ended up getting hooked, and the hook went into his finger... so John thought the fish had hurt dad, after all there was blood involved. So when it went to getting near the fish, John wasn't having it. This was the closest John got. When you are fishing for salmon you can't just catch any type of salmon you have to thoroughly examine the salmon before taking it, typically you can look with out netting the fish, but when the waves start to have white caps on them and the swells are 4- 5 feet well you can't just lean over the boat, so you have to net them, then un hook them and release if they are the wrong kind. So that is how he got "hooked". It is about every 4-5 fish you catch to one you can keep. So fun yet irritating that you getin a fish and are all excitted, but you can't keep it! oh well fun non the less.

This is Derrick pushing off the dock, launching the boat to go out fishing. In this picture you can see about half the town. Very excitting town, everyone there that lives there seems to be a bit grumpy - you would think they would be happy just to have visitors... but maybe they just like the peace and quite, with out us foreigners in there!

I have tried to remember to take pictures of the town of Seiku over the past few years, but as with the other years I didn't do it... if you look in the back of this picture - you are actually looking at Clallam Bay. About a mile away from Seiku.

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