Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Beach

Last week, when Derrick went to Chicago and St. Louis Liz and I at the last minute decided to go to the beach. At that time she was still waiting to get he house back! Now she is back in it, so we are sad to have her not stay with us anymore.

Ocean Shores was fun, ofcourse it was 95' here, and then when we got the beach it clouded over. Go figure. We had a very relaxing time. Played with the kids drank some wine, nice and relaxing. Just the way the beach should be! Kids were a mess, but had great fun playing in the sand.

This is Hobo dog! He had so much fun running around on the sand, he wore himself out. We have had Hobo since Aug of 99! We love him so much, I think he is a very spoiled dog! He recently got a quick doggie massage - now that is the life!

Here is john Isaac playing with his kite. The first day we ruined a dolphin kite, then the next day we got a spederman kite to actually fly!

This is Josie as she looked like almost the whole time we were on the beach. For some reason she liked to stick her head in the sand! She is a little osterich!

Here is Liz, and my sand stuck to her face child... As she was eating sand I thought to myself, pure genuis this child is... lol

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Mackenzie said...

I miss you guys! I'm so glad to hear that things are going so great! Liz lives here now? How is she? We should go get coffee soon!