Sunday, August 20, 2006

** Triathlon women **

I was always the wanna be athlete. All my friends we very athletic all made varsity in highschool and were on select sports teams. My roommates at the University of Washington all had scholarships. Then there was me. I tried. I played but I never quite had that finesse or coordination to make it to the top of my game. So recently while on our cruise in Feb I mentioned that I wanted to do a triathlon. Let me give you some back ground, we were on the cruise with Liz and Foster - literally eating non stop for 7 days. I think it was on about day five at dinner after eating two appetizers a main course and probably two desserts that I bring up the triathlon dream. Ofcourse Foster laughs. We all laughed, but something inside me went off, I can really do a triathlon. So the goal was set and the training begun. Because Foster and Liz were living in Austin, Texas I dawned the Longhorn hat to keep me motivated. So today as I passed the finish line dawning the long horn cap - I say thank you to Foster for the motivation. Team YBC (Young Brooks Cotton) accomplished the goal!

The pre race picture! We can do it ladies!!

Starting out on the bike - very nervous, but I know I can do this! One of my goals was to not get passed by an "old lady" however - on the last hill as I was shifting down and ready to cry - an "old lady - in the 70-79 age group" passed me and it helped me to keep going. I actually laughed and picked up the pace on the hill. As she was passing me she said " you can do it, almost there!" I thought to my self yes I can! I must admit this wasn't the typically old lady - she was in great shape and fast too!!

After crossing the finish line we had to have a pic together.

Liz and I at the finish!


Buford said...

Good job Emily! It was truly a fun experience, wasn't it? Have you looked online to see your times? (I am pretty sure Ang looked online, every 10min or so, until it came up!:-)) Maybe now you can train for the the half marathon in November???? Let me know...:-)

Cagle Clan said...

Awesome!!!! Way to go!
Wow, I feel really lazy. :)

Buford said...

Thanks Em. Half marathon = 13.1 miles of fun running! none of this swimming and biking nonsense :-) (Just aiming for the half this year, maybe in a few years I will attempt the full marathon! Ha, even as I type that I am questioning my own sanity...)

Brent and Danae` said...

Good job Emily!!! My sister Janae was in that marathon ,too!!

Anonymous said...

I need a new suit!! PC

Anonymous said...

The start of your blog cracked me up! ;) :)

I'm soooo proud of you!!!

Miss ya!!!!