Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow fun!

Riding the sled!

My little snow angels

The look it snowed pic! no we didn't get a ton of snow - but hey snow that is alright, you don't need a lot of it to have in it!
**Thought I would add a little bit of info about the photo - John's hat is authentic Russian combat hat, and it really came all the way from Russia! Grandma Mary brought it back for little John after she went to Russia this summer - so thank you Grandma Mary! ( You can read about her experience on her blog - look under family) John has a little mark on his face too - well let's say he had a run in with the cutting board and the cutting board won! Two trips to the ER and he is ok. First trip was to get the super glue stuff to heal the cut, second trip was to remove the bandaid the ER doc glued to his face! Got to love it. The second Dr. asked who had done the glue in the first place, I just smiled and said your ER doc. "oh" is all the doc said. We all have off days right? **

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Anonymous said...

I love Johns hat. ??? What is it??