Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas is here! The reindeer came. . .

Here is what Santa left us! We are very blessed this year.

The kids woke up at 6:30am excited to see if Santa came last night. They ran outside to see if Santa's reindeer had eaten the carrots and the celery they put outside for the reindeer - low and behold the reindeer had taken bites out of the food! Santa was here! John didn't hear Santa on the roof and was a little bummed out, Josie though, thought maybe she had heard him but wasn't sure.... oh to be young again!
Look at this pile of gifts John has, it was so fun to watch him open them.
Josie got her first official Barbie Doll ~ Dancing Ballerina Barbie. She loves it!

I love this pic, Detrix was so suprised he got the laptop he wanted... Thank you to the Kovacavic (hope I spelled the correctly!) family - you helped us out tremendously getting it all ready to go!

Some of you know that Derrick and I have been very disciplined with our health lately. Derrick has lost 55 pounds and I have lost 27 pounds, today as a new Christmas tradition we went for 5k run! I actually did my fastest mile yet at 11 minutes, Derrick not to be out done - did a very fast 8 minute mile!~ I am so proud of both of us, we have been working hard and it is paying off. Am I bitter that Derrick is running faster than I am for his first run? No, not at all I am so exited we are both out there doing something to ensure a lasting healthy lifestyle! Way to go Derrick I am very proud of you!


Marcie said...

INCREDIBLE weight loss for both of you!!! That is the best present you could have given each other--the gift of health for many more years!

The Young Family said...

Thank you Marcie, we are bot pretty happy with our results!