Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

So I told two of my friends the following story - both were laughing so hard they couldn't speak, so I thought it "blog worthy!"

Last week I came into the living room to find the 11' Christmas tree down on the ground... The whole thing had fallen over. Ornaments everywhere and some broken glass from the ornaments. After interrogating John our 4 year old... I think what happened is the dogs somehow knocked over the tree. We are watching a friends dog and I am not saying their dog knocked the tree down, I am just saying two dogs playing - well you get the picture!

So my immediate reaction is to get the kids out of the way - then grab the Christmas tree and put it up right. After a bit of a struggle to get the tree up (it is huge!) I am standing there holding the tree thinking now what ? I am literally holding the tree - I can't get it set back in the stand right by myself.... what was I thinking. But me - not thinking this all the way through - I never think to put the tree back down (well I think to put it down but I am afraid I will break more ornaments.) So I stand in the front room, just holding the tree. I laugh as I am writing this if only - a neighbor was watching they would be thinking - what the heck is this lady doing? So I stand and just wait. Holding the tree. Luckily it was about 5:00 when I put the tree upright. Derrick was home at about 5:20. He just looked at me when he came home, like "what possessed you to do this?" I don't know, sometimes I amaze myself with silliness!

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Marcie said...

Oh goodness! I'm glad you (and the tree) did not get hurt!