Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa came a little early!

After church on Sunday the kids found out that Santa came a little early this year. Santa was making sure that he knew where our new house was, and if he could fit down the chimney.

You never know how long the Seahawks will play for - so we thought to get the most use out of these gifts we better have Santa come early! John does some great tackling and Josie (despite my childhood hangups with cheerleaders! ) loves being a cheerleader. I am going to be ok with it (really, I am) if Josie wants to be a cheerleader. OK, So I will make my self be ok with it! After all I want all my kids to lead their own lives and go after their own dreams, so if she wants to be a cheerleader then well I just might have to be "that" cheerleading mom! Kidding. Just kidding!

You should see them both they are adorable in the outfits... John seriously is a great tackler, and Josie does look too cute for words.

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Marcie said...

Soooo CUTE!
I want to fit in my old cheerleading outfit--GOD WILLING I will be able to sometime next year! LOL!
I'm sorry you have hangups w/ cheerleaders.
I was a cheerleader and its some of my favorite memories from HS. We weren't your typical cheerleaders though...more like alternative cheerleaders! its a long story...going to stop leaving a comment now...I've said to much! LOL!