Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Rush

Since I had to do a race report for Team Toyota I thought I would do a blog too. I ran in the Christmas Rush 5K today. I hadn't ran in a while so I was happy that I ran all the way - I kept pace with Angela my friend who keeps talking me into races! She keeps me going and motivated (so thank you to her) I saw lots of people there so it was a great event! Jodi did the 10K - you go girl! Congrats to her and her husband.. and also to Cory Angela's husband and Nathan her son... they did awesome!

I know it might not be the fastest time - but as Angela likes to say " we weren't at home sitting on the couch!" A big thanks to Derrick for bringing the kids out to watch their mom race! It is really great to see them at the finish line.

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