Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tri - Crazy

So I am really looking forward to the 2007 triathlon season - I am so excited I can't hardly handle it, and well it is still a couple of months away! I did my first spinning class last night at the gym. Wow is all I can say the instructor is tough but awesome. He actually yells at you! But I did go faster and longer than I would have with no instructor. His name is Greg - he says "Hate me now, love me later!" Very true statement. There was a commercial out a while ago with a woman in a spinning class - she says to the instructor " bring it on" that is what I felt like. I am so ready! I joined a local triathlon team. I know, I know triathlon is an individual sport, but the team is there for training tips, and partners to help you train. I am pretty excited about it. I really want to see a difference this year in my training so I hope this will keep me focused. I know for sure I will do the Danskin traithlon again, how can I not, that was such a great experience! I really want to travel and do two Danskin's this year, so we'll see how that works out. Right now I am looking at Denver, Austin or NY Metro area. So I maybe looking for other nutty ladies to go with me! That is it for today! Hope you are all doing well.

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