Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Elementary School Power Show

Derrick and Jimmy did a power show today! Their friend Joey was going to do it with them, but got called to work at the last minute and couldn't make it. What was really neat about this show was they got to do it in a public school. They really got to deliver there message about drugs and alcohol, but this time they focused on talking to the kids about good choices. Due to separation of church and state they didn't talk about God as much as they usually do, but still got to get their point across. When Derrick talks about his stroke and then the miracle, well really there is nothing else to believe, but God poured out a miracle!

Two things struck me at the show - one was when Derrick asked the kids (we were at an elementary K-6th grade school) if anyone had ever been bullied. 3/4 of the kids raised their hands. I looked around the room then got the chills down my spine. Wow 3/4 of those kids had been bullied. Too me that was shocking. Innocent kids, being afraid at some point, that is messed up. Derrick did a great talk about believing in your self, not letting anyone tell you that you can't do something. Standing up tall. It was great to hear, and the kids responded very well.
Jimmy talked about the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol. He has a very powerful testimony, and the kids responded well to him too.

The second thing that struck me was when Derrick gave his testimony of being healed after the stroke. He asked the kids and asked who knew what a stroke was, what was scary here is probably 1/4 of the kids knew what a stroke was, probably due to an loved one having one. That isn't what struck me though, when Derrick started talking about being paralyzed, I had 4 teacher's turn and look at me with looks of shock on their face, looking at me like really? He couldn't have been paralyzed! I just nodded, and ofcourse well I had tears in my eyes because it is still so fresh from happening. After the show he had a female teacher come up to him and say, "a stroke is my worst fear." Derrick smiled and looked at her and said, "you can't live in fear, now can you?" Wow. What a testimony for that woman. She is fearing something that hasn't even happened yet. I know I try very hard not to focus on negative things, because well they have a way of coming true in our household! So I try to stay focused on positive things. Looking towards the years ahead not with fear, but excitement. There are great things ahead. I know I am a broken record with thinking positive things, but you know when something works, you have to tell everyone you know about it. Life is full of enough hard things, why focus in on them. Focus in on life, and living it everyday the best you can.

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