Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Chaplain

I was asked a while a go about what a chaplain is... since Derrick is a chaplain for the local fire department. I told the person briefly that a chaplain goes into the firehouse to help the firefighters process the things they see everyday. Because Derrick is a volunteer fire chaplain he gets called out when someone has died. If you are full time you get called out to help families during tough times not always death calls. However because Derrick is volunteer when his pager goes off it means that someones life has just been ended.

I give great tribute the men and woman of the fire department for they see the most horrible things. Typically (atleast the way I understand it) the fire department is called out when there is a 911 call for someone who needs medical attention. Ofcourse they are called to fire's too! (duh) So when a life is not saved, Chaplains get the duty of informing the family as to what has happened. Chaplains are considered men and or women of all faiths. Meaning if they go to a house that the people are Muslim then the chaplains adhere to the religious followings of the Muslims, or Catholics, or Mormon or what ever they are...

Typically when someone has just died the family is really looking for someone to listen. So a chaplain is there to comfort by listening and honoring the person that has passed.

I think anytime a family member is a firefighter or policeman it can be hard sometimes. They work weird shifts, and see the worst and best in people. Probably more often times the worst.... But that is what makes them such special people, able to serve others and their community. So thank you Derrick and all the chaplains, and to you firefighters and police man - thank you for all you do too!

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Andrea said...

Wow! What a hard, yet rewarding job that must be! He is certainly in a good placed to be used by God!