Monday, January 29, 2007


Let's see it seems like there have been two themes around Derrick and I lately.

1st theme I have talked about before that is life can be short, so actually live your life, don't watch it just go by. Go and do those things you have always wanted to do but, can't, won't or are scared to do! Just get out there and do it! Ofcourse this started when Derrick came out of the hospital but it seems on a weekly basis we are reminded just how precious life is, choose to live it! I have had many ladies tell me they always wanted to do triathlon, what are you waiting for? Let's get out there!

2nd theme This theme started a while ago too. The theme is pain is not always caused by something you've done wrong. In order to go to another level there is pain involved. Think back to school, in order to go from Jr. High to Highschool you had to step up your game, there was some level of pain involved. For those of you who went to University, you know that the level of studying goes up tremendously from your Senior year in highschool to Freshmen year in college. OR your next level as a family.... when you have a child and actually give birth, there is a tremendous amount of pain (especially if you can't have medication!) With almost everything to go to the next level there is some pain involved, not always physical pain but pain non-the-less.

Derrick and I have learned not to take life for granted, each day is a blessing. I don't want to spoil one more day holding onto a hurt, or grudge. I want to live each day like it may be my last. Loving family and friends you never know what life may bring. As for the next level well we have been preparing for a while to start a new ministry opportunity, so I cherish the time and energy it has taken to prepare us for it. We can learn from the past, ( oh my don't we have stories to learn from?!) to prepare us for the future.

Just some thoughts for you all!

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