Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday and Tired

You ever have those days you are just so tired you can't think straight? I don't know why but today is that day! I got enough sleep Josie slept, pretty good, just one of those days I guess! ugh.. it is hard to get motivated to do anything.... A million things I should be doing so I decide to write on the blog! Got to have priorities I guess!! we picked up our gas stove yesterday, that was a lot of fun. After much thought, we are going with black appliances! Yes major decision in our lives here... lol the stove is great - and looks good I can't wait to cook fajitas on a gas stove - they are better on a gas stove for some reason. Our friend Liz had a gas stove when they lived here - - and the fajitas were so much butter on her stove! hmmm could have been the cook! Nahhh it was the stove! So when we move in we will have to have a mexican themed party!


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