Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The ballet I think?

So I have to tell you this story, a couple of weeks ago Shanda won tickets to the ballet. Since Justin wasn't a willing participant in the adventure (and I happen to like ballet's and theater in general) I got to go! I really like ballets and I absolutely love broadway shows, I thought this would be a good experience for Shanda who had never been before. We were a tad late coming in to the first act, due to a Nine inch Nails concert happening at Key arena.... we looked quite funny all dressed up next to drunk fans on NIN going into the concert!! We made it in for the last part of the first act... seemed good, people were even giving a standing ovation. So we thougt great we'll catch up on the story line after the intermission. They start the second half with the weirdest formations you have ever seen. They were wearing all gold skin tight outfits, and doing the weirdest dances, now I guess it was ballet, cuz well we were at the ballet - but it was so horrible.... we were practically laughing .... then it got worse... the third act, by the way non of the acts were connected together in a story like they normally are at a ballet - they made no sense. The third act was a couple dancing to a pianist and a violinist. The pianist was good, the violinist should have been shot - sounded like they were killing a cat. And the couple that danced well - they were a tad strange to say the least. So after almost going into histarics in the auditoriam (MCaw Hall) we left with out seeing the last act... I couldn't have sat through the rest of was scary. So after explaining to Shanda that usually they are a story about something... I'm not sure if she is convinced they can be better. So, so much for the ballet! I am thining about getting tickets for Shanda to the Nutcracker - now that should be a normal ballet.

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