Monday, October 24, 2005

Kids went down for a nap before we go to the hotel and I am blogging - I have such issues. Jess this is your fault! Now if only you can get me as hooked on dieting and the gym.... .hmmmm I will work on that. I have learned to say I like myself unconditionally! lol that was a quote someone in my class wrote my senior year - and it always made me laugh out loud so there you go!

Here is Derrick and his second momma Nora , being commissioned along with 4 others; Sun. Oct. 16th for the ministery through Real Life Church. He is already recognized since May as a National Certified Chaplain for the King County Fire & Police in Maple Valley. But the church had a special service to recognize those in te ministry who have recently stepped out in faith or graduated from school. I think I mentioned it earlier but I had a pic now for you to view.

I have missed placed our camera after taking adoarable pics of the kids in a huge pile of leaves - so I will post more pics after we find the camera!! I think it is in one of the boxes already closed up - it will show up at some point!!


"The new Worship Pastors" said...

Congrats Derrick! I heard that was an awesome service. I am sad that I wasn't there! Good luck with the move. Please be sure to post pictures of your home when it is finished. Sweet dreams John and Josie! What a wonderful time of day huh Em?

Cagle Clan said...

Ha! I take full responsiblity for your addiction Em. We will be starting a support group soon!!
Love, Jess

The Young Family said...

You guys are too funny!! I found a computer at the hotel - It would be bad to leave the kids alone in the room to blog wouldn't it? I AM KIDDING!!

Cya - Em