Thursday, October 13, 2005

The haircut

I just love this picture - John looks so enthused and then sister is smiling away - it is like she knew what he just went through!

Derrick and I have been trying to get John a haircut for a couple of weeks now, we have gone out a couple of times but it has been too late at night and the place is closed. I can't (won't) take John when it is just me and Josie, that would be too hard. John does ok in the seat but he needs full attention. After all haircuts can be hard on kids. We do have a friend that has done his hair - but it is hard to get an appt and plan ahead all at the same time! So I was saying to Justin (who we are staying with) that John needs a hair cut. Justin says we have clippers we should do it at home. Sure I thought. John woke up from his nap, and Justin said to him do you want us to shave your head? Yes he said. I thought ok, maybe he will warm up to it. So dad gets home and we ask him a couple of more times, want to get a hair cut, yes he says. The last time they ask Justin and Derrick jump up and John goes running after them "Yes!!" he exclaims as they head up stairs. I look at Shanda, and we both kind of smile. I said I am waiting fot the crying to start, sure enough he was all excitted, right up until they turned on the clippers. Then melt down occurred. Let's just say he wasn't very happy. When I went up stairs I think 10 minutes later - poor Justin was holding his head as dad was trying to clip is hair off, he had a bowl cut at this point. Actually didn't look to bad, you know the hair cut where you put a bowl on your head and cut around it.... long on top short on the sides and back. So we tried to actually cut the top so it was a little longer, this was not happening - I think Derrick cut himself with the scissors as John moved his head. So out came the clippers and we gave him a crew cut. He finally stopped crying towards the end, but he kept pointing to all his hair on the floor, saying "daddy did, daddy did" yes I said Daddy cut your hair, you look like daddy. Yes he would say. At the end we said John you look like daddy do you like it? Yes. Should we cut some more? "NO!"

I think John was pretending to sleep so he could forget about his haircut!!

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